Our Team

General Manager – Laurie Loquet – [email protected]
A twenty-year veteran in the restaurant industry, Laurie has worn a multitude of hats from server to chef to wine buyer. Although her first career was as a Social Worker, she always yearned to attend culinary school. With that as her goal, Laurie spent several years in Paris, earning a Diploma in Gastronomic French Cuisine. After obtaining her degree, Laurie cooked in several respected restaurants in Paris and Chicago. Since moving to the DC area, Laurie has focused on working at small neighborhood Wine Bars and Restaurants in Alexandria including La Fromagerie Cheese & Wine Bistro, Brut Champagne & Wine Bar and Grape & Bean. Along the way, she has met wonderful patrons, vendors, farmers, winemakers and artisans with a likeminded passion for food and drink. Laurie is excited to share their stories with you. Making meaningful connections is why she loves what she does.

Chef – Larry Blevins-Bellido – [email protected]
Chef Larry is an army brat, originally from Central Louisiana. He grew up with the kitchen being the meeting spot for all familial events, with the person in front of the stove garnering the most attention. It was this drive for attention that lead him to Culinary school, where he found he had a desire to share his flavors with everyone. His inspiration comes from his mother and Nana, who always made scratch dinners, regardless of the days trials. The kitchen is a place of love, a vessel to bond, and a source of nourishment, not just for the tummy but for the soul as well.

Wine Director – Vickie Reh – [email protected]
Whether touring the Salt Marshes of Brittany, exploring the vein of Kimmeridgian clay soils that runs through the vineyards of Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre, or cooking for harvest workers in the south of France, Chef and Certified Sommelier Vickie Reh has spent her life researching food and wine traditions. Along the way, her forays have taken her to family kitchens in obscure wine regions, elegant palazzos, modern showcase wineries and respected restaurant kitchens—from France to California, from Sicily to the Italian Alps, from Portugal to Virginia. These travels have enriched and enlightened her and whetted her curiosity to find out what the people who actually make the wine like to eat. Her book The Wine Table is the result of these travels. When not traveling, Vickie has spent years on both sides of the kitchen door alternating between roles as Chef, Wine Director, Wine Consultant and Tour Guide with stints in Washington DC at Buck’s Fishing & Camping, Comet Ping Pong, Via Umbria and Arrowine and Cheese. As Revel’s Wine Director, she is looking forward to sharing her love of wine and food and the knowledge gained during her travels with all of you.

Beer Director – Greg Frankena – [email protected]
I first developed my passion for craft beer and gourmet food while attending college in Charleston, SC, reaping the benefits of a burgeoning beer scene and the year round bounty of local farms. Over the course of various travels the past few years, I have had the chance to deepen my appreciation for the craft by sampling the creations of myriad breweries across North America and Europe.  My first exposures to the world of wine were as a child, thanks to an incredible opportunity to spend time in the Savoie and Loire regions of France, as well as Vaud and Valais of Switzerland. It was a move to the Pacific Northwest and an introduction to Willamette and Rogue Valley Pinot Noir, and Columbia Valley Cabernet that caused me to truly fall in love. After joining Unwined part-time for the 2015 holiday season, I was thrilled to accept a full-time position where I may continue to apply and further my knowledge of craft beer while truly becoming a student of wine.

Proprietor – Vanessa Moore – [email protected]
Vanessa Moore is a community-focused entrepreneur originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who relocated to Northern Virginia in 1999 after completing undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University. Today, she is the sole owner of two Alexandria based wine stores and now, Revel, just two miles south of Old Town. Established and rebranded in 2004, Unwined has been recognized by Eric Asimov as a New York Times top “Pick for your Local Wine Shop.”  Vanessa holds certifications with the Court of Master Sommeliers and Italian Wine Professionals. Her passion for educating and caring for people through the enjoyment of wine is supported by her husband of 15 years and their three four-legged children.